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Obama Lifts Endorsement From Biden?


The Obama camp is looking down on Joe Biden and Republicans agree.

Concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s age have surfaced, with former aides of Barack Obama expressing apprehension over his apparent decline in vigor and articulation. Jon Favreau, former President Obama’s main speechwriter, highlighted Biden’s perceived frailty and diminished clarity in his recent appearances, contrasting them with his earlier years in office. Favreau noted Biden’s shuffle, attributing it to arthritis, and described his speech as “mumbly.” Citing polls indicating widespread worries about Biden’s age, Favreau stressed the urgency for the White House to directly address these concerns, emphasizing that the president’s decline is evident to the public.

Despite acknowledging Biden’s verbal missteps, Favreau argued for increased visibility, suggesting that Biden’s presence in the public eye is essential for assuring voters of his capability for another term. He emphasized the need for Biden to assert himself forcefully, especially during global crises, to alleviate concerns about his leadership.


Echoing similar sentiments, former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer underscored the significance of addressing Biden’s age-related concerns, deeming it crucial for his reelection prospects. Pfeiffer emphasized that failure to reassure voters, particularly those who supported Biden in 2020, could jeopardize his chances of winning another term.

David Axelrod, Obama’s former campaign strategist, advised Biden to embrace his authentic self and capitalize on his temperament, citing a historical instance from 1979 as an example. Axelrod suggested that Biden confront his potential opponent, former President Donald Trump, with characteristic remarks that resonate with the public and have the potential to go viral online.

In summary, former Obama aides are raising alarm bells regarding President Biden’s age, urging the administration to confront and mitigate concerns about his fitness for office. They stress the importance of Biden’s visibility and assertiveness in addressing these apprehensions, emphasizing the critical role they play in his reelection bid.