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Biden DOJ Pins Espionage Charges On Trump


The witch hunt continues.

Investigators from the federal government are looking into whether Donald Trump displayed a map that contained confidential intelligence data to his guests following his departure from the White House.

According to the Independent, as part of the federal inquiry into how Donald Trump handled classified documents during his time as President, the investigation is examining whether he violated any regulations by exhibiting sensitive intelligence information on a map to his visitors.

Sources familiar with the matter have informed The New York Times that investigators have interviewed multiple witnesses regarding the map. However, it is unclear what specific information was displayed on the map.

One source revealed that investigators inquired about a particular incident where Donald Trump purportedly exhibited the map during his travels on an airplane. Additionally, another source disclosed that at least one of Trump’s advisors was shown the map after he left office, deduced from the questions asked by the investigators during their interviews with witnesses.


According to a third individual, it is possible that the map was also exhibited to a journalist who was composing a book.

As per a report by the Washington Post, investigators have allegedly questioned Donald Trump regarding the display of classified materials to political donors.

The investigation into the map display is a component of a broader Department of Justice inquiry into Donald Trump’s possession of classified materials that were stored at Mar-a-Lago after his presidency.

In August of last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, during which they retrieved boxes of confidential documents that Donald Trump had taken with him after his departure from the White House.

Donald Trump has demanded the return of the documents and maintained that they belong to him. The raid was carried out after the federal government made several attempts to retrieve any classified materials that he may have still had in his possession.