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Barr Launches New Attack On Trump


Can Barr stop the Trump slander already?

William Barr, the former Attorney General, referred to his former boss, ex-President Trump, as “his own worst enemy” and attributed his legal predicaments to his recklessness.

According to The Hill, Donald Trump has encountered numerous criminal and civil lawsuits, including being arrested and charged with 34 felony counts of fabricating business records earlier this month after a lengthy investigation by the Manhattan district attorney.

Furthermore, Donald Trump is under investigation in three other criminal cases, two of which are in Washington D.C. pertaining to his alleged involvement in the January 6 insurrection and mishandling of classified materials, while the third is in Georgia concerning his purported efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.


In addition to the criminal lawsuits, Donald Trump is also contending with a civil lawsuit filed by author E. Jean Carroll, which alleges rape and defamation, as well as an inquiry into his business dealings by the New York attorney general, among several other cases.

Barr smeared Trump and stated, “I said he’s frequently his own worst enemy and he digs himself holes. And he does some things that are reckless that are clearly gonna give rise to investigations and look into them. And that included both the documents in Mar-a-Lago and the Jan. 6 episode.”

According to Barr, the case regarding the mishandling of documents is the most concerning for Trump, a view he has expressed previously. Barr added that Trump’s team allegedly misled federal investigators by lying about whether the former President had any classified materials and “played games” with the issue.

“That, I think, exposes him,” Barr said doubling down on Trump.