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Tucker Carlson Backstabs Trump, Sides With Biden

Carlson had a lot to say.

As you know, Democratic voters aren’t always the smartest people in America.

Now, Democrats are playing off a segment from Fox’s Tucker Carlson where he mocked Democrats for trying to blame former President Donald Trump for the coronavirus vaccines by mocking President Biden’s poor mental health.

Recently the liberal media, specifically Politico, released an article trying to blame the Trump administration for putting pressure on the FDA to rush vaccine approval. Carlson decided to sarcastically call out Trump for his mistakes and liberals completely fell for it and quickly realized that Carlson was mocking them the entire time.

Liberals thought that Carlson was siding with Biden and the Democrats but quickly learned he was just mocking them.

According to Yahoo, Carlson trolled Democrats and said that “Trump’s vaccine” gave Biden dementia. Carlson jokingly said, “Look at that man. Donald Trump’s vaccine did that to him. Four shots, a human pin cushion, now a desiccated husk.”

Carlson then trolled liberals even further and said, “Before he took Donald Trump’s vaccine, that man was spry, filled with vigor and vim, famous for his mental acuity. Look at him now.”

Carlson even went as far as cutting to President Biden’s rally as it was happening live to show the American viewers how poor Biden’s mental health truly was.