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Trump’s Effect On Pennsylvania Primary


Can’t stop the MAGA movement!

So far, former President Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Doug Mastriano has won his race by defeating his Democratic opponent.

Now, only one more Trump-endorsed candidate in Pennsylvania remains and things are looking very good for him.

According to Pennlive, Trump-endorsed Republican Mehmet Oz is running for Pennsylvania’s Senate Republican primary is currently in tight race with  former hedge fund manager David McCormick that is being labeled too close to call.


Pennsylvania law required for there to be recount of the margin between two candidates is 0.5 percentage points or less.

Many Democrats and political experts are shocked to see just how much an influence former President Donald Trump still has on voters. Many predicted that Mehmet would not have nearly as much success as he has proven to accomplish with Trump’s endorsement.

Democrats are in for a very big surprise heading into the November midterm elections.