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Biden Caught Lying


Americans have had enough of Biden.

One of President Biden’s favorite lies to tell the American people is that the United States is the only country that can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Now Insider is claiming that not only is that far from the truth but Biden’s bold claim is often times wrong.

During his first State of the Union Address, Biden pushed the same lie when he unveiled his plan to lower gas prices. The same lie was pushed again by Biden when he tried to tout his $1 trillion infrastructure plan.


Insider further explained that while Biden continues to say the U.S. can turn a crisis into an opportunity, many times these tragedies have created new and worse problems for the American people.

Insider pointed to the Vietnam War which left 60,000 US service members killed or missing. Nothing good came from that war. They also pointed to 9/11 which resulted in a number of issues, one of which being the United States fought a 21 year war that ended with Biden failing tremendously with the withdrawal of troops.

Simply put, President Biden is either lying or trying to fool Americans into having hope that all of the current economic problems caused by him will somehow get solved.