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Biden’s Age Cripples His Job Performance


This is pathetic.

According to sources close to US President Joe Biden, he has several upcoming trips planned to cross the Atlantic, but his advisors are reportedly considering limiting his travel.

Sources cited by UK-based newspaper, The Telegraph, claim that US President Joe Biden may decline an invitation from Buckingham Palace to attend the coronation ceremony of Britain’s King Charles III, reportedly due to concerns over his age and the strain of making two transatlantic trips in a single month.

The coronation ceremony is set to take place on May 6, and sources say that the US President’s advisors are considering limiting his international travel to prevent exhaustion that could affect his performance of domestic duties. As a result, it is possible that First Lady Jill Biden may attend the event in his place.


The US President has several trips planned, including a visit to Northern Ireland later this month and a trip to Japan for the G7 summit next month. Additionally, he is expected to meet with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on at least three occasions over the next three months. However, the report indicates that both Washington and London have suggested that President Biden has not yet made a formal decision regarding his attendance at the coronation ceremony.

At 80 years old, President Biden is the oldest individual to assume the highest office in the United States at the time of his inauguration, surpassing his predecessor Donald Trump in age.

In September, President Biden and his wife attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. However, there was some controversy surrounding the seating arrangements for the President within the royal church, as he was positioned behind several European heads of state.