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Trump Exposes Jack Smith and Biden Fraud


Is Trump right?

In his recent statements regarding the grand jury investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump expressed strong criticism towards special counsel Jack Smith, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Senate leadership.

Through posts on Truth Social, Trump, who is currently a prominent candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, accused them of “prosecutorial misconduct” and “election interference.” He raised concerns about the frequency of indictments against political opponents during a presidential campaign and the potential harm it could inflict on the country. Trump also questioned the timing of the charges, calling it an unusual scenario and suggesting prosecutorial misconduct and election interference.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump wrote, “How many times can Crooked Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice, together with their local democrat D.A.’s & A.G.’s, indict his political opponent during the course of the campaign? Do they understand the damage being done to America? It will only get worse. We must stop these “monsters” from further destroying our country!”


“Do you think that A.G. Garland, and Deranged Jack Smith, understand that we are in the middle of a major political campaign for President of the United States? Have they looked at recent poll numbers? Why didn’t they bring these ridiculous charges years before – Why did they wait to bring them now – A virtually unheard of scenario? Prosecutorial misconduct! Election interference!”

On the following day, Trump directed his criticism towards Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders, asserting that Joe Biden is the most corrupt President in U.S. history and expressing frustration at the Senate’s apparent inaction in addressing these issues.

It’s worth noting that former Vice President Mike Pence, in contrast to Trump’s views, stated in a CNN interview that he was not convinced of criminal intent in Trump’s actions leading up to the Capitol attack.