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Liberal Media Trashes Kamala For Disgusting Lie


Even the liberal mainstream media is calling out Kamala on her lies now.

During a segment on CNN’s “State of the Union,” political commentator Scott Jennings criticized Vice President Harris for her recent statement about Florida’s middle school curriculum. Harris had claimed that the curriculum included lessons suggesting that enslaved people “benefited from slavery.”

According to Fox, Jennings expressed his amazement at how little Harris seemed to have on her plate, allowing her to respond almost immediately to any issue she came across on Twitter. He pointed out that after thoroughly examining the curriculum standards and analyses, including statements from African American scholars who authored the standards, there was no basis for Harris’s claim. He emphasized that this was a completely fabricated matter, and it was ridiculous that this was considered her “best moment.”

Vice President Harris had delivered her remarks in Jacksonville, Florida, where she expressed her opposition to the new curriculum approved by the Florida Department of Education. The curriculum covered the history of slavery in the U.S. and mentioned that enslaved people developed skills that could be applied for their personal benefit.


Karen Finney, another CNN political commentator, shockingly praised Harris’s response and considered it a “stellar moment” which is absolutely insane and foolish. She expressed her strong disagreement with the idea that there could have been any personal benefits for slaves and likened it to claiming that women were content when they couldn’t vote or have their own bank accounts.

Ashley Allison, another panelist and CNN commentator, supported Harris’s remarks as well and responded to Jennings. She emphasized that just because the curriculum was written by African Americans didn’t guarantee its accuracy, and disagreement was possible within the community. She stressed the bigger issue of these developments occurring in Florida under the leadership of a governor who had passed bills against certain educational programs and movements.

Allison reiterated the consensus that slaves did not benefit from slavery, regardless of any potential citations suggesting otherwise. She emphasized that slaves had no freedom of choice, refuting the idea that they could have pursued certain professions like blacksmithing as Governor Ron DeSantis had mentioned.