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Nikki Haley Jumps To Number 1?

Haley is making massive waves in this race and it’s concerning to some Trump supporters.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, a prominent Democratic donor, recently contributed $250,000 to a super PAC supporting the presidential candidacy of former South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley. The donation was directed to SFA Fund Inc., the primary super PAC aligned with Haley, following her growing momentum in the Republican primary race.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, a political adviser to Hoffman, confirmed the donation to media sources, while Hoffman chose not to comment on the contribution. Despite his significant support for Haley, Hoffman, a steadfast advocate for President Joe Biden, clarified his stance in a LinkedIn blog post. He expressed his intent to vote for Biden in the 2024 election, emphasizing Biden’s competence and success during challenging times.

In the blog post, Hoffman acknowledged providing financial support to Nikki Haley’s super PAC, citing his commitment to American democracy and the integrity of the legal system. He stated that defeating former President Donald Trump was his top priority, expressing concerns about the potential impact on democracy and the rule of law if Trump were to be the GOP nominee.

Hoffman criticized Trump, predicting a challenging electoral landscape for him, emphasizing the pivotal role of swing states like Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia. In response to Hoffman’s donation, both Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Haley for accepting support from “Democrat billionaires.”

Trump, during a town hall with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, highlighted Democratic funding for Haley’s campaign, while DeSantis’ campaign press secretary, Bryan Griffin, labeled Haley a liberal and suggested that she would compromise conservative values.

Despite the criticism, Haley has experienced a surge in support, earning endorsements and positive feedback from debates. She secured over 70 endorsements in Iowa, launched a $10 million ad campaign in key states, and surpassed DeSantis in polls in New Hampshire and South Carolina. However, both candidates lag significantly behind Trump, who maintains a substantial lead in the GOP primary race.