They hate the truth!

During a recent town hall, former President Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden and liberals in general for Biden’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Breitbart, when discussing the border, Trump stated, “Well, there has never been a better time six months ago, and there’s never been a worse time. We had the tightest security. You could come into our country legally. But you know what else we were stopping — massive amounts of drugs, human traffickers, bad, bad people, criminals; they’re emptying their jails into our country. You know, other countries are emptying their jails into our country.”

We never had it better, and now we’ve never had it worse in the history of our country,” Trump stressed. “I just saw — we were with the governor, the lieutenant governor, we were with Ken, we were with a whole group, I think the largest contingent of Congress, congresspeople ever at the border, from what I understand. I think they’re mostly here, too, by the way. I see them, a lot of them right in front of me.”

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Image credit: USA Today

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