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Top Republican Humiliates Millionaire Pelosi


Americans shouldn’t forget how much money Pelosi stole from this country.

House Speaker Mike Johnson faced scrutiny over his personal finances in a recent report, prompting a wave of support from Americans. The Daily Beast article, titled “Does New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson Have a Bank Account?,” questioned the absence of any bank account information in his financial disclosures. The report highlighted that over the past seven years, Johnson has not reported any checking or savings accounts in his name, nor in his family members’ names, and no investments were listed in his latest disclosure for 2022.

Speaker Johnson is apparently just a middle class American and the left hates him for not being a greedy millionaire like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

According to Fox, the suggestion was made that Johnson might be living paycheck to paycheck, potentially explaining the lack of significant assets in his disclosures. However, this raised questions about the accuracy of such claims, as it is unlikely that Johnson doesn’t possess a bank account.

In response to the article, numerous individuals, including elected officials and cable news pundits, came to Speaker Johnson’s defense. Rep. Matt Gaetz pointed out that Johnson’s financial situation didn’t involve shady business dealings or stock trading. Rep. Chip Roy acknowledged that Johnson’s financial situation mirrored that of many ordinary Americans balancing family expenses.


Critics of the Daily Beast’s report argued that it was misguided to criticize Johnson for not being corrupt or exploiting his position for personal gain. They emphasized that it’s important to have public servants who maintain ethical standards. They also highlighted that the financial struggles Johnson might face are shared by a significant portion of the American population.

Author Tim Carney taunted the left and simply stated, “Who let in the poors?!?” 

The scrutiny of Johnson’s finances served as a reminder of the current political climate, where some view it as a negative trait for lawmakers not to use insider information for financial gain. Fox Business host Charles Payne described these times as “crazy” and noted the importance of public servants who do not use their positions for personal enrichment.

The report was also used as an opportunity to draw comparisons to President Biden and his son, implying that Speaker Johnson’s financial transparency was in stark contrast to the controversies surrounding the Bidens. Critics suggested that Johnson should follow the example of some wealthy individuals in Congress, while others stressed the importance of maintaining integrity in public service.