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Pro-Trump Documentary Gets Outlawed


More censorship against the Republican party. Sad.

The removal of the pro-Donald Trump documentary, “The Plot Against the President,” from Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service has raised concerns on social media. The 90-minute film, released in 2020, delves into the story of Congressman Devin Nunes uncovering an alleged operation against the President of the United States. Based on investigative journalist Lee Smith’s book of the same name, the documentary challenges the popular belief that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, instead attributing the interference to the “deep state.”

Breitbart reported on Wednesday that the documentary was removed from Prime Video without explanation, and searches for the film now yield either no results or a notice stating that the video is unavailable in the viewer’s location. Amanda Milius, the producer and director, took to social media to announce the documentary’s availability on alternative platforms like OnLocals and Rumble Video.


Milius also addressed concerns from viewers who had purchased the documentary on Amazon, advising them to contact Amazon for refunds. The move was supported by Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who lauded the documentary as “amazing.” The incident ignited a strong reaction on social media, with accusations that Amazon had “blacklisted” the documentary and claims that the platform was censoring content that might benefit the GOP.

Some users suggested boycotting Amazon and voiced frustration with what they perceived as attempts to silence conservative voices. Others referenced past incidents, such as Amazon’s suspension of Parler’s account in January 2021, following the Capitol riot, as evidence of a pattern of suppressing conservative content.

Filmmaker Jason Rink shared a screenshot of another documentary about white nationalist Nick Fuentes, indicating that it, too, was no longer available on Prime Video. Some users expressed hostility towards Milius’ film, while others dismissed it as propaganda. In response to the removal, Milius accused Amazon of being “embarrassed” by the documentary’s success on its platform, suggesting ideological disagreement with its content.