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Biden Terrified Of 2024 Trump Rematch


Sleepy Joe won’t be catching z’s in the White House much longer.

The head of President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign is anticipating a highly competitive presidential election and maintains confidence, citing the influence of what she refers to as “MAGA extremism.” What a joke.

In a memo, Julie Chavez Rodriguez explained that this “MAGA extremism” is proving to be a significant obstacle to the GOP’s success in crucial battleground states, as reported by the Washington Examiner. Axios subsequently shared this memo with various interested parties.

According to Newsmax, Chavez Rodriguez stated, “We anticipate a closely contested race,” and she emphasized that there are multiple pathways to securing the necessary 270 electoral votes for the president. She further stressed that the fundamentals of the campaign indicate a strong position for victory.


Referencing the 2022 midterms, Chavez Rodriguez pointed out that a “red wave” failed to materialize, as voters opted against extreme MAGA Republican candidates, despite a national environment that seemed favorable to Republican gains.

Former President Donald Trump’s emergence as the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination is viewed by Chavez Rodriguez as advantageous for Biden. She believes there’s an opportunity to appeal to independent and right-leaning voters, particularly those motivated by Republican positions on reproductive rights. Chavez Rodriguez highlighted abortion as a pivotal issue to attract independent women and mentioned ongoing efforts to maintain support among various racial and ethnic minority groups.

This memo from the campaign manager arrives at a time when there may be signs of fracturing support for Biden. A recent Quinnipiac survey indicates that 63% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters are open to considering other candidates, depending on developments in the lead-up to the primary. However, Chavez Rodriguez remains confident in Biden’s advantage, emphasizing that his early announcement of his reelection bid, with a united Democratic Party and strong progressive infrastructure, enabled the campaign to swiftly launch organizing initiatives and an assertive paid media campaign.

Notably, while Biden has already begun running general election advertisements in swing states, Republicans are still engaged in internal disputes, according to Axios. Polls, on the other hand, suggest a close contest. In a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, Trump holds a 2-point lead over President Joe Biden in the latest The Messenger/HarrisX poll (45% to 43%), within the margin of error, with 12% of respondents undecided.