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VIDEO: Trump Makes Democrats Cry With Just 1 Word


Who would’ve thought this would anger the Democrats this much?

During a recent rally in Houston, former President Donald Trump referred to individuals who had been incarcerated in connection to the January 6 Capitol riot as “hostages.” He made this statement after walking on stage to the song “Justice for All,” performed by the J6 Prison Choir, a group comprising those imprisoned in relation to the January 6 events.

According to the Washington Examiner, in his speech, Trump acknowledged the J6 prisoners as “hostages” and expressed his concern about their situation. He also highlighted the song’s remarkable success on music charts in mid-March, where it reached the number one spot, surpassing artists like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Notably, this rally deviated from Trump’s usual entrance music, which is typically Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” “Justice for All” had previously been featured at a Waco, Texas rally held by Trump in late March.

The former president, on a two-day tour of Texas, made a campaign stop at Trendsetter Engineering, an offshore drilling company. During this stop, he criticized President Joe Biden’s support for green energy policies, particularly the promotion of electric vehicles, and pledged to cancel electric vehicle mandates if reelected.

Trump also expressed concerns about the impact of a successful deal between the United Auto Workers, General Motors, and other major automobile companies, suggesting that it could lead to job losses in the future due to the shift towards electric vehicles. He argued that the United States lacks the necessary infrastructure for electric cars and emphasized his preference for gasoline cars or hybrids.

Throughout his speech, Trump blamed President Biden for rising gas prices and inflation while reminiscing about his own presidency when gas prices reached $1.87 per gallon.

Additionally, Trump took a light-hearted jab at his political rival, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, regarding rumors of height-enhancing insoles in his cowboy boots, without expressing any particular concern about the matter.

As Trump continues his political endeavors, it’s worth noting that he faces 91 indictments across four criminal cases, two of which are related to the 2020 election. This legal situation may potentially intersect with the 2024 primary nominating contests.