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Trump’s Son Makes Bombshell Confession


This level of corruption is wild!

Eric Trump strongly criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James on Friday, following his second testimony in a civil fraud case involving the Trump family.

According to Newsmax, the son of the former President, Donald Trump, addressed reporters, emphasizing the Trump family’s significant role in New York’s real estate scene. He refuted allegations that The Trump Organization had artificially inflated Donald Trump’s wealth by billions of dollars to deceive financial institutions and insurance companies.

Eric Trump expressed his disdain for what he referred to as a “witch hunt” against his father for political motives, describing it as distasteful. He also mentioned that he, his brother Don Trump Jr., and his sister Ivanka Trump have been unintentionally embroiled in this legal matter.

Eric, who serves as the executive vice president of The Trump Organization, suggested that their involvement in the case was primarily an attempt to sensationalize it.


During his testimony, Eric Trump revealed that he had heavily relied on accountants and the organization’s legal team to ensure the accuracy of financial statements. He highlighted that he had entrusted some of the country’s top accounting professionals and a capable legal team to guarantee the accuracy of the statements provided to him.

Before leaving, he assured the press that they might see him return for further testimony and confidently asserted that Trump would emerge victorious, stating, “I promise you, we’re going to win this thing because we haven’t done a damn thing wrong.”

In a related development, Donald Trump Jr. also testified, emphasizing his reliance on Donald Bender, a long-serving accountant at The Trump Organization.

The former President, Donald Trump, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday for the civil case. It’s important to note that this case is distinct from the four criminal cases he faces while actively engaging in his 2024 Republican front-runner campaign.

Additionally, Ivanka Trump is expected to testify in the following week after her request to delay her testimony was denied by an appeals court on Thursday.