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DeSantis Kicks Trump While He’s Down


What is DeSantis thinking?

Republican Ron DeSantis, a likely 2024 rival of former President Donald Trump, is being attacked by Trump’s closest supporters. This comes after DeSantis delivered what they believed to be “toned down” remarks ahead of Trump’s likely indictment by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office later this week.”

According to Newsweek, during a news conference on Monday, DeSantis emphasized that he had not yet heard any facts about Trump’s potential arrest over his alleged role in a scheme to pay off adult film star Stormy Daniels for her silence during the 2016 election cycle. This scheme is believed to be a violation of New York campaign finance laws.

DeSantis then accused Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor, of being backed by George Soros, a liberal megadonor. Soros’ involvement in left-wing politics has become a big issue with the Democratic donor class within the American right.

While DeSantis criticized Bragg for his decision to ‘weaponize’ his office to ‘impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety,’ he refused to commit to supporting Trump or assisting in his extradition to New York. DeSantis stated that he was not interested in being involved in a ‘manufactured political circus.


It’s important to remember that DeSantis is the governor of Florida. He can help Trump if he faces arrest but is, all the sudden, refusing to do anything for him at the time when Trump needs him the most.

“I’ve got real issues to deal with,” DeSantis shockingly replied.

Now Trump’s closest allies such as Republicans Steven Bannon and Mike Lindell are calling DeSantis a weasel for refusing to help Trump.

“So DeSantis thinks that Dems weaponizing the law to indict President Trump is a ‘manufactured circus’ & isn’t a ‘real issue,'” Donald Trump Jr. said.