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No Hope For Trump In 2024?


Here’s what happened…

In a new poll conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov, after voters were asked, given “what we know about the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump” should Trump be allowed to be president again in the future?

According to Yahoo, shockingly an astounding 51% of people voted “No, Trump should not be allowed to be president again.”

What’s worse is that just 35% of voters said in the poll that Trump should be allowed to be president again and 14% said that they were unsure.


The poll was taken of 1,566 U.S. adults between September 23rd to 27th right after New York state Attorney General Letitia James filed a sweeping lawsuit against Donald Trump and his family.

The results of this polling shows that Democrats have been effective at tarnishing Trump’s image with the American public by hitting him with nonstop and redundant lawsuits which will likely amount to nothing.

If Trump was to be President again in 2024 his Republican voter base must remain in strong support with him heading into the next election. It is also imperative that the GOP wins big in the midterms so Trump-supporting Republicans can begin to fight off the Democrats’ attacks.