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Trump’s Ominous Warning To Americans


This is not good folks.

Former President Donald Trump addressed the Turning Point Action Conference, expressing his belief that President Joe Biden is destroying the American dream. Trump pledged to restore hope and opportunity for young Americans during his speech at the TUSA conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, which was broadcast live on Newsmax.

According to Newsmax, Turning Point USA is a conservative movement that aims to combat liberal indoctrination among young voters. Trump expressed his gratitude to Charlie Kirk, a close associate, for his significant contributions in building Turning Point into one of the most influential grassroots organizations in the country.

Trump emphasized the significance of the upcoming election, stating that it would determine whether the younger generation would inherit a free country or one ruled by tyrants. He warned against the potential destruction of civilization by Marxist radicals, asserting that young patriots like those attending the conference could elevate America to new heights.


The former president shared his plan to “save America” and expressed his determination to fight alongside his supporters, leaving them with no choice but to evict President Biden. Trump criticized Biden, labeling him as the most dishonest president in history. He expressed confidence that with divine assistance, they would rescue America on November 5, 2024.

Trump also highlighted the detrimental impact of Biden-induced inflation on the economy, particularly for young Americans. He noted that a significant portion of Generation Z and millennials had no savings, while the cost of homeownership had become unattainable for many due to a 157% increase in mortgage rates since his tenure. Trump claimed that real wages had declined for 26 consecutive months, and typical Americans had suffered a $7,400 annual income reduction since Biden assumed office.

Referring to author David Horowitz’s book “Final Battle,” Trump characterized the 2024 election as the ultimate showdown. However, he expressed confidence in the young conservative warriors of Turning Point, believing they would prevent America from heading down an undesirable path and contribute to its greatness once more.

Trump also emphasized his agenda to restore energy independence, promising to swiftly address Biden’s inflation concerns, reintroduce energy self-sufficiency, and lower interest rates. His objective was to enable young people to afford essential components of the American dream, such as homeownership and owning a car.