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GOP Kicks Trump Out


Are Republicans losing their minds?

Following the decision to hold another runoff election for Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock, the National Republican Senatorial Committee pledged to do everything in their power to raise as much money as possible to help Walker win the race.

However, controversy came when Republicans, such as Sen. Rick Scott, were asked if they want Trump to be involved any more in Walker’s race.

It appears that the Republicans don’t want Trump to do any form of campaigning for Walker because they fear Trump could damage Walkers chances which is absolutely insane.


Trump was the sole reason Walker made it as far as he did. It’s crazy to think that Republicans want Trump to distance himself from the race.

According to NBC, both Republicans and Democrats have spent an astounding $200 million each trying to get Walker and Warnock elected.

When asked if Trump is going to be involved in Walker’s runoff election, Scott responded, “That’ll be a decision between Herschel and Trump. I know that Trump wants to be helpful to make Herschel win. That’s an issue for the campaign. I don’t get to participate in those decisions.”

It’s insane to see the Republican Party become so divided. The control of the Senate means everything. They should have Trump campaigning in Georgia right now hopefully they come to their senses.