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[Video] Liberal Media Dumps Biden

[Video] Liberal Media Dumps Biden


America hasn’t been this weak in a long time!

As you likely already know, Russia-Ukraine tensions are at an all time high and war between the two nations could break out at any moment.

What’s important to understand however is that these problems aren’t new. Russia has a long and spiteful history with Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t acted against them until just now.

Now, even the liberal media is asking why.


During a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, President Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked why Putin didn’t escalate tensions with Ukraine in the past like when President Trump was in office and the Biden administration didn’t have any answers.

Blinken was asked, “The previous one [referring to Trump’s presidency]. Why do you think Putin didn’t act then?

Blinken sighed and replied, “I hope you get a chance to ask him.”