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Putin Prepares For World War III


This is getting very worrisome.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in now warning Moscow that they must “take into account” the “nuclear potential” and risk that NATO poses on their country after he himself decided to cancel their nuclear arms control agreement.

This has raised major concerns about whether or not President Biden and NATO know what they are prepared for. Biden has not said much about nuclear weapons since the war broke out however it has to be obvious that they are discussing these matters within the White House.

According to Newsweek, Putin was speaking to Russian news sources and said, “all the leading NATO countries have declared their main goal to inflict a strategic defeat on us, so that our people suffer.”

Putin then pushed fear onto Russian citizens and asked the Russian news host, “Under these conditions, how can we not take into account their nuclear potential?”

Just a few days ago, Putin decided to pull out of the START nuclear arms reduction treaty.


That one treaty was the only treaty that was between Moscow and the United States which restricted the maximum number of strategic nuclear warheads that both countries could use.

The agreement which was formed in 2011 said that the maximum number of nukes that Washington and Moscow could use would be only 1,150 strategic nuclear warheads. Now that rule no longer stands and anything goes.

Putin doubled down and again repeated, “they want to inflict a strategic defeat on us and claim our nuclear facilities.”

“In this regard, I am forced to state that Russia is suspending its participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty,” he added.

While there is no clear indication that Russia will use nuclear weapons the fact that Putin pulled out of the treaty shows that he is open to anything. The use of a nuclear weapon will almost guarantee the start of World War III and there is no telling what will happen from there.