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VIDEO: The Squad Goes On Strike, Immediately Fails


How absolutely moronic.

Progressive Rep. Greg Casar, D-Texas, a recent addition to “The Squad,” received social media ridicule after announcing a “thirst strike” in solidarity with federal workers, which lasted only eight hours.

According to Fox, early Tuesday morning, Casar, representing parts of Austin and San Antonio, shared a post stating, “Just had my final drink of water before embarking on a thirst strike with the esteemed Dolores Huerta. #WorkersCanWait.” He intended to forgo liquids to demand a federal heat rule to protect workers facing high temperatures nationwide.

In another post, Casar emphasized his commitment, saying, “Today I’m on a thirst strike on the steps of the U.S. Capitol – I won’t drink water or take breaks, rain or shine, to stand in solidarity with our nation’s workers. There are currently NO federal protections for workers exposed to heat.”

The thirst strike concluded after eight hours, leading conservatives on Twitter to criticize the gesture.

CNN commentator Scott Jennings tweeted, “Congrats on… existing between early lunch and late dinner.”

Washington Free Beacon reporter Andrew Kerr tweeted, “eight whole hours, what a hero.”

“The Spectator” reporter Matthew Foldi tweeted, “Libs get participation trophies for literally skipping breakfast.”

During Casar’s thirst strike at the Capitol steps on Tuesday, he was observed by a crowd that included progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and journalists who shared photos of Casar being monitored by medical professionals.