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Kamala’s Top 5 Embarrassing Moments Of 2021

Kamala’s Top 5 Embarrassing Moments Of 2021

Kamala has a lot to improve on.

Kamala Harris likely didn’t expect her vice presidency to go down like this. President Biden has hardly given her any real tasks since taking office and she has kind of just been floating around the country doing menial tasks and taking photo ops with other leaders.

Sadly, even with the very little bit Kamala Harris has to do, there is still plenty of embarrassing moments for her as Vice President. Here are the top five most embarrassing moments to date thanks to Fox:

5. Kamala insulted rural Americans by claiming they didn’t know how to photocopy their IDs.

In July, Vice President Harris made headlines after she insisted that voter ID laws were discriminatory to rural Americans because they didn’t have the capability to photocopy their own IDs.

4. Kamala develops a “French accent” while speaking to French scientists

This was embarassing. Kamala caught immediate backlash on the internet after she foolishly starting speaking in a French accent while meeting with a group of French scientists.


3. Kamala supports student after they accuse Israel if ‘ethnic genocide’

In September, Kamala nodded in agreement after a group of students accused Israel of committing ethnic genocide. No joke.


2. Kamala lies and says “we’ve” been to border

In June, Kamala claimed that several members of the Biden Administration including herself has been to the border when clearly they havent.

“I – at some point – you know – we are going to the border. We’ve been to the border,” Harris falsely claimed. “So this whole – this whole – this whole thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.” 

1. Kamala lied and said she was the “last voice in the room” during the Afghanistan withdrawal

In an attempt to show America just how important she was, Vice President Kamala Harris claimed she was a key player in the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Kamala stated, “This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage. I have seen him over and over again make decisions based exactly on what he believes is right.”

Sadly, that lie blew up in Kamala’s face when America quickly realized that the withdrawal was botched and poorly executed.