Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Biden Calls For Gun Ban

Biden isn’t backing down.

During his recent State of the Union address, which many people are calling uninspiring and dismal, President Biden once again expressed his desire to have assault weapons and high-capacity magazines banned in the United States.

According to Fox, during his speech Biden stated, “I ask Congress to pass proven measures to reduce gun violence. Pass universal background checks. Why should anyone on a terrorist list be able to purchase a weapon? Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” 

Biden then foolishly asked, “You think the deer are wearing a kevlar vest?” 

Biden then shocked gun makers and asked Congress to, “repeal the liability shield that makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued.”

“These laws don’t infringe on the Second Amendment,” Biden stated. “They save lives.”

After Biden’s comments about gun control were made, Republican Rep. Jim Banks wrote, “Joe Biden wants to take your guns.”


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