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PROOF: Lindsey Graham Supports Biden

Is Graham becoming a RINO?

It has just been reported that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has given his overwhelming support to President Biden and his nominee Judge J. Michelle Childs for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Most other Republicans on the other hand are totally against Childs because they believe she is left-wing judge.

According to Fox, Graham stated, “I enthusiastically supported her nomination to this important position and look forward to her confirmation by the full Senate.”

Graham also strongly supported Childs when President Biden was planning on selecting a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the high court. Biden however selected Ketanji Brown Jackson istead.

While many Republicans including former President Donald Trump still don’t support Childs, Sen. Graham still argues that she is a “fair” judge who follows “the law as it is written.”