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Biden’s Birthday Ruined


This is embarassing.

It seems like no one is excited that President Biden is turning 80-years-old.

In a surprising turn of events, Politico’s White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire has confessed that for most of the White House staff there is very little excitement about President Biden turning 80 and becoming the first 80-year-old person to be president of the United States.

According to Fox, Lemire explained that Biden turning 80 will be less of joyous occasion and more of a chance for people to scrutinize Biden’s health and wonder if he is actually going to run again in 2024.

They even wrote, “It will be a birthday like no other in White House history. But those inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are not keen on having a blow-out celebration.”


Lemire wrote, “President Joe Biden will turn 80 years old next month, becoming the first commander-in-chief to become an octogenarian while in office. The Nov. 20 birthday will come two weeks after the midterms and will likely intensify scrutiny of Biden’s health and speculation as to whether he will seek another term.”

Lemire then explained that if Biden decides to run again again Biden will be 82 when he starts his second term and will be 86 when he finishes in 2028. YIKES!

There is no way President Biden can run again, right? Sadly, there is no telling with the Democrats.

Lemire later added that White House staff knows President Biden is too old and are already planning for the headlines. “White House aides are keenly aware of the storylines surrounding his age and are bracing for the inevitable news cycle,” Lemire explained.