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Kamala Has Full Blown Meltdown


Kamala is losing her marbles.

Vice President Kamala Harris had a full blown meltdown recently and accused Republican governors of a “dereliction of duty” because of their decision to continue transporting migrants to Democrat states.

According to Fox News, during her epic meltdown Kamala stated, “We’re talking about people who are fleeing great harm, they’ve fled great harm and they are seeking refuge. And talk about pol theater, playing games with people’s lives. There are mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses.”

Apparently Kamala isn’t worried about the “mothers with sleeping babies” when they are in Republican states. It’s only a problem for her and President Biden when they are being sent to Democrat controlled states.


So far, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent 8,000 migrants to Washington D.C., around 3,000 to New York and almost 1,000 to Chicago. Arizona has also sent immigrants to Washington D.C. as well and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent about 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

While Kamala and Biden are crying about a couple thousand illegals in their Democrat states, it’s important to remember that 2.1 million migrants were encountered at the border this year.

Kamala later added, “I just think it’s an absolute dereliction of duty. If you see a problem, and we agree we need to address it then if you’re a leader, participate in a solution, right?”

It’s incredible how ironic Kamala’s comments are. Does she know that she needs to address the problem herself? Absolutely insane.