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VIDEO: Trump Says Biden Did What To The Pope?


Biden embarrasses himself yet again.

Former President Donald Trump has made a claim that Pope Francis appeared uneasy during his recent encounter with President Joe Biden. This interaction took place during the Group of Seven summit in Italy, where video footage showed the Pope warmly greeting Biden and other leaders. A notable moment was captured when Biden leaned in to speak with Pope Francis, their foreheads almost touching as they smiled.

However, Trump shared a different interpretation of this moment on his Truth Social platform. He suggested that the Pope was uncomfortable with Biden’s close approach, posting, “Look at Pope Francis—He is freaking out! This isn’t normal, is it?” alongside a photo of the two men in close proximity.

According to the White House, during their meeting, Biden thanked Pope Francis for the Vatican’s efforts to address the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Biden also expressed his appreciation for the Pope’s advocacy for the poor, those suffering from persecution, and the fight against climate change and global conflicts.


Biden has had a longstanding friendly relationship with Pope Francis. After their meeting in 2021, Biden remarked that the Pope was pleased with his dedication to his faith, calling him a good Catholic.

Trump’s comments came shortly after he suggested that Biden, aged 81, should undergo a cognitive test. During a speech at the Turning Point Action convention in Detroit, Trump questioned Biden’s mental sharpness and incorrectly referred to Dr. Ronny Jackson as “Ronny Johnson.” Dr. Jackson, a former White House physician and now a Republican congressman from Texas, previously stated that Trump was the healthiest president in history, a statement Trump often repeats.

Even as Trump celebrated his 78th birthday recently, he continues to question Biden’s mental fitness on the campaign trail. However, his critics quickly seized on his misstatement, and the Biden campaign shared the clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, shortly after it happened.