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Traitor Says Trump Is Biggest Leaker


This is a disgusting attack against Trump.

In a new book by former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, he claimed that the “biggest leaker of all” was none other than former President Donald Trump during his time in the White House.

According to Insider, Esper claimed in his new book, “The individual motivations for the leaks ranged from advancing a preferred policy outcome to enhancing the leaker’s own role or credentials to currying favor with the president. It was a noxious behavior learned from the top. The president was the biggest leaker of all. It turned colleague against colleague, department against department, and it was generally bad for the administration and the country.”


Esper further claimed that these leaks from Trump “damaged trust” in the White House and resulted in making people “far more reluctant to speak up and share their views.”

“Nobody wanted to see their name in the morning news, especially when the words were so often twisted, misinterpreted, and taken out of context,” Esper claimed in his book. “In the Trump administration, this could get you blacklisted or fired.” 

It seems like even with Trump out of office, traitors and Democrats can’t help but stop spreading rumors about the former president.