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No Justice for Supreme Court Justices

Another Believer, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This is such a shame.

In a move that has resulted in immediate backlash, the Department of Justice has decided to remain completely silent about abortion activists targeting Supreme Court Justices’ homes.

What’s worse is that there is even a federal law that makes it illegal for anyone to “influence” the outcome of a court case. Sadly, however the DOJ is still refusing to enforce this law.

According to Fox, so far pro-abortion activists have targeted the homes of six Republican-appointed justices after a document was leaked which showed the Supreme Court was planning to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The specific law which is U.S. code 1507 specifically prohibits people who “pickets or parades” with the “intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer” near a U.S. court or “near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer” to be fined or even imprisoned not more than one year.

Sadly however, the DOJ is blatantly ignoring this law. What are President Biden and the DOJ trying to accomplish here? We think everyone knows.