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Hillary Guilty

Hillary must pay for her crimes.

After more news was released about failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Rep. Devin Nunes admitted that he was not surprised whatsoever that Clinton worked behind the scenes to falsely tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank.

According to Newsmax, Nunes fired back at Hillary Clinton and said, “The one thing we all know is that all of these different characters clearly knew what was happening. We know from our investigation that we ran that by early 2016 people within the Obama administration, plus people in the FBI all had to know about it.”

Nunes then talked about Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Mook and how he likely knew about everything as well.

Nunes explained, “He just kind of nonchalantly says that, yeah, Hillary Clinton knew about it, which of course, we all knew that. He almost offered that up … if you can believe the people that read the tea leaves, they said that it shocked both the defense and the Durham prosecution team.”

He added, “Likely there were a bunch of characters within that Clinton orbit who came up with this who concocted the idea of, Hey, let’s first go out and say that Donald Trump is tied to Russian oligarchs, right? That failed, and so then they switched over in early 2016 and said, No, no, no, let’s say that he’s tied to Putin. Which, of course, is even more ridiculous … why would a business guy from New York had any connection whatsoever to Vladimir Putin? Donald Trump was not a guy who was involved with government business.”

Nunes then explained that this was why he ended up leaving Congress and decided to begin working as the CEO of Donald Trump’s new Truth Social media company instead.