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Cheney Humiliated In Public


This is so embarrassing.

When former Representative Liz Cheney made her way to Colorado College to deliver a commencement address to her alma mater on Sunday, she encountered a less than enthusiastic reception.

According to Newsweek, after a turbulent tenure in Congress, Liz Cheney, the former Representative from Wyoming, faced a significant loss of support from the Republican Party. Her outspoken criticism of former President Donald Trump following the events of the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, led to her removal from her position as the third-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. Cheney’s decision to vote in favor of impeaching the former president due to his alleged involvement in the insurrection further intensified the division. Additionally, she played a prominent role as one of only two Republicans on the House select committee investigating the riot, alongside former Representative Adam Kinzinger.


During her commencement address at the private liberal arts college, Liz Cheney faced a mixed reception from the students. While some expressed their disapproval by booing and turning their chairs away, indicating their dissent towards the former congresswoman, others responded differently. According to the Daily Mail, many students and their parents applauded throughout Cheney’s remarks, showcasing a contrasting sentiment of support and appreciation.

On Twitter, images circulated showing a graduate wearing a graduation cap inscribed with the words: “Why listen to a racist, imperialist, transphobic, warmonger?? Your hate is loud.” This message was interpreted by many social media users as a criticism directed at Liz Cheney and the Republican Party. However, supporters of former President Trump saw the boos and chair turning as a reflection of their own support for him, perceiving the students’ actions as a response rooted in favor of the former president.

Within the MAGA community, there was a prevailing belief that the negative reaction towards Liz Cheney during her commencement address was primarily due to the presence of Trump supporters among the crowd. Many members of the MAGA movement had already expressed their disapproval of Cheney following her removal from the House of Representatives in 2021, during which former President Trump referred to her as a “bitter, horrible human being.”