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Biden Loses To Trump and Republicans


Funny how things work out.

As of right now, Republican governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are sending illegals across the United States and are dropping them off in Democrat states.

Now it appears President Biden is doing something that he and the Democrats never wanted to do and will now finish former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

According to The Intercept, borderlands coordinator for the Wildlands Network Myles Traphagen discovered construction crews preparing to start once again working on the border wall across southern Arizona.

“It’s feeling like it felt during border wall construction with Trump,” Traphagen explained to The Intercept. “I hadn’t felt that on the border in a year and a half, and now it’s like, oh, sh*t, here we go again.”


Then U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed Traphagen’s suspicion and admitted that construction on former President Donald Trump’s border wall is starting back up again.

Furthermore, along with building more miles of the wall, construction crews will also now repair gates and fix roads which are needed to more properly secure the border.

Additionally starting next month, construction crews will go back out to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and resume working on the wall as well.

It looks like problems don’t get solved until Republicans do the absolute most, like sending illegals to blue states, for them to realize how bad the problem actually is. President Biden may not like it, but he will have to finish Trump’s wall one way or another.