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Republican Calls For Trump’s Removal


This is how you lose an election.

Republican nominee Joe O’Dea who is challenging Democrat Michael Bennet for Colorado’s U.S. Senate race recently flipped on his own voter base and told NBC that he doesn’t want to see former President Trump run again in 2024.

According to Axios, O’Dea appears to be trying to brand himself as a moderate Republican to win over centrist voters. What O’Dea seems to forget is that he needs Republican voters and bashing Trump is the dumbest thing he could do.


O’Dea also slammed Trump for saying that he plans to pardon Americans who engaged in the January 6th Capitol riot as well.

“Look, I disagree with our former president. I wouldn’t give pardons to anybody that’s violent. We need to hold people accountable. That should never happen again,” O’Dea stated.

O’Dea added, “I’m the only Senate candidate for the Republican Party that hasn’t been endorsed by Donald Trump. Probably not going to send me a Christmas card. I don’t want to see him run again. I don’t want to see Joe Biden run again. I think that tears our country apart, and I think I’m where most Americans are.”