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Top Republican Shaken After Dangerous Encounter


This is not how things should be in America.

On Monday night, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) revealed that she had been “attacked” by an “insane” woman while dining at a restaurant with two of her staffers.

Greene took to Twitter to write about the woman who had attacked her that night at the restaurant noting that the woman and her adult son “had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining” or those at the restaurant with political views that differ to her own. Greene noted that she had been sitting at the restaurant preparing for the upcoming committee hearing with a couple of members of her staff when the woman and her son approached her. She specified that she had not noticed them “until they turned into demons.”


A spokesperson for Greene added that the woman had originally been polite in introducing herself to Greene but was quick to start berating and verbally attacking the congresswoman. The woman’s son also started to scream “expletives” and kept coming closer to Greene. The spokesperson disclosed that at some point he had to come between the man and the table as he did not know what the man’s next actions would be.

Ultimately, the restaurant staff got involved and made the duo leave. They also proceeded to take Greene and her team to a more private table where they could continue their meal and work. The police were not called in a response to the incident.

Greene proceeded to claim that “our country is gone”  and that there is no space for people to respect those with different views from their own anymore.