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INSANITY: Traitor Calls Trump WHAT

How could this have happened?!?

Another bombshell accusation has just been revealed from Jonathan Karl’s new book Betrayal which alleges that former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski claimed that then-President Donald Trump called Biden’s 2020 win a “big lie” simply because Trump didn’t want to be called a “loser”.

According to the Huffington Post, Lewandowski alleged that Trump was making people doubt the outcome of the election so that Trump could say he “didn’t lose” to Biden.

He knows it is over,” Lewandowski said to Karl. “He just wants to create enough doubt about Biden’s victory so that when he leaves he can say he didn’t lose and that it was stolen from him.

If the statements by Lewandowski are true, this shows a clear betrayal by Lewandowski of former President Trump.

Republicans parted ways with Lewandowski in September of last year after he was accused of sexual harassment. Lewandowski mysteriously stopped attending events hosted by Trump and even stopped showing up to MAGA rallies after the accusations surfaced.

Lewandowski has yet to respond to the accusations.