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VIDEO: Biden Pushes World Leader


What is Biden thinking?

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had hoped for a significant occasion to improve the United Kingdom’s tense relationship with the United States. However, the Prime Minister faced an uncomfortable situation when he welcomed Joe Biden upon his arrival on Air Force One yesterday.

According to Daily Mail, After arriving in Belfast, President Biden swiftly brushed off the Prime Minister’s attempts to interact with him, leading some to speculate that it was a deliberate diplomatic slight.

Amid windy and cold weather conditions, the US President very briefly exchanged pleasantries with the UK leader on the airport tarmac then pushed him aside before proceeding to acknowledge Lord-Lieutenant David McCorkell, the King’s representative for County Antrim.


Subsequently, he seemed to engage in a more extended and affable embrace with Jane Hartley, the stylish US ambassador to the UK, who was nominated by the President in the previous year.

It’s insane to see Biden go as far as pushing Rishi Sunak to the side but he did it anyways.

This morning, Biden had a private meeting with Mr. Sunak at a hotel in Belfast. He was bombarded with queries from journalists, such as whether he had any message for the Northern Irish parties and why he didn’t discuss a trade agreement while on his visit to the UK. However, he didn’t provide any responses.