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Kamala’s Racist Meltdown Goes Viral


Kamala is going insane.

In a recent interview, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her concern about divisive extremists attempting to fuel an unnecessary debate on slavery within Florida’s Black history curriculum and demanded they halt their efforts.

According to Fox, ABC’s Linsey Davis asked Harris about criticisms from one of the curriculum’s architects, who accused her of ideological posturing. In response, Harris emphasized the importance of speaking the truth and facts. She firmly stated that there should be no debate about the fact that enslaved people did not benefit from slavery, and she found it disheartening that such a statement even needed to be made. Harris called out the so-called leaders and extremists who are trying to force a needless divide among Americans and urged them to stop.

“The View” aired a preview of Harris’s remarks, scheduled for broadcast on Monday evening.


The Florida Board of Education recently approved a new curriculum for African American history, which includes a section suggesting that slaves developed skills that could be applied for their personal benefit. This has caused controversy among Democrats, liberal media, and even some other Republican presidential candidates trying to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis.

During a recent speech in Florida, Harris criticized the curriculum, stating that it insulted people and attempted to gaslight them, which she and others would not tolerate.

Dr. William Allen, a former chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and a member of Florida’s African American History Standards Workgroup, disagreed with Harris’s assessment, calling it “categorically false.” ABC News aired only a short portion of the interview where he defended the curriculum, clarifying that it never suggested slavery was beneficial to Africans. Instead, it acknowledged their resourcefulness, resilience, and adaptability, allowing them to develop skills and aptitudes that benefited them both during and after enslavement.