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Trump Takes Liz Cheney Down


Trump isn’t backing down.

Former President Donald Trump is making his way to Wyoming on Saturday with the sole purpose of ensuring that Republican traitor Liz Cheney gets unseated by his endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman.

According to Business Insider, Cheney became an outcast in the GOP after she voted to impeach Trump after Democrats attempted to take him down.


Trump has long vowed to boot Cheney out of the GOP because he strongly felt that he was betrayed by her.

Cheney however believes that she will be able to ward off Trump’s attacks and she officially filed for her reelection bid on Thursday.

Many of Trump’s endorsed candidates so far have defeated their Republican opponents showing that Trump’s grip on the GOP remains strong. One of Trump’s biggest loses so far has been to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who remained the nominee for the upcoming Gubernatorial race where he will face Democrat Stacey Abrams.