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CNN Moves To Destroy Tucker Carlson

CNN Moves To Destroy Tucker Carlson


These people are trying to destroy the Republican base.

In a recent airing of CNN’s “Newsroom,” anchor Brianna Keilar went off on a full blown tangent and smeared Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling him a propagandist, a liar, a parasite.

According to Breitbart, Keilar said, “The attack on the nation’s Capitol was a deadly uprising. It was a violent riot, and it was an insurrection. It was sedition. It was incited by the president calling his supporters to action. … So, let’s call it what it is, something that some people are having a harder time with than others, like this guy on planet Fox.”

Keilar then aired a clip of Fox’s Carlson saying, “It wasn’t insurrection. It was a political protest that got completely out of control, as we said before, because the president recklessly encouraged it, and that’s wrong. But it was not an insurrection.”

After the clip Keilar slammed Carlson and said, “It was an insurrection. Take Merriam-Webster’s word for it. Insurrection; an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.”


Keilar later said, “So, it’s interesting that when the crowd, in this case, is full of almost entirely white Trump-supporting rioters, Fox’s Tucker Carlson described it as a ‘political protest that got…out of control,’ especially when this is how he described Black Lives Matter protests and looting this past summer after the death of George Floyd.”

Adding, “Tucker Carlson rolls his eyes at the idea of systemic racism, at white privilege, but perhaps he should roll those eyes on over to a mirror. It is entirely fantastical to think that crowds of black or brown Americans would have been treated as the mostly white insurrectionists at the Capitol were on Wednesday. He doesn’t treat them equally.”

“[H]e’s trying to eliminate the present, and he is spoon-feeding it to millions of hungry viewers who tune into his show. [H]e is part of the illness, a propagandist, a liar, a parasite,” Keilar finished.

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