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GOP Builds Anti-Trump Team


What are they thinking?

After Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s victory against Trump-endorsed David Perdue, it appears that a new group is forming within the GOP that is actively working to fight back against Donald Trump and the control he has over the party.

According to The Hill, the anti-Trump coalition began forming when a number of GOP governors flew down to Georgia to campaign for Gov. Brian Kemp in total opposition to Donald Trump.

Another top Republican, former Vice President Mike Pence also supported Kemp showing signs that an anti-Trump group could be forming within the GOP.


One Republican strategist even went as far as saying, “I don’t think [Trump] has ever looked as vulnerable as he does now. Naturally, people are going to notice that and take the opportunity to put themselves out there a little bit more.”

Most conservative voters however are still standing firmly with Donald Trump. While it is true that Donald Trump currently hold no official title in the GOP it is important to remember that Trump likely intends to run again in 2024.

The GOP should think twice before they make any drastic actions that could upset Trump.