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Biden Chickens Out?

This is not the leader America needs.

Reports are now circulating that President Biden is expected to hold a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin to warn him not to invade Ukraine. Sadly, Biden now appears to be scared sh*tless.

According to Newsmax, Biden needs to warn Putin to not attack Ukraine or Russia will face severe economic consequences a senior U.S. administration official said.

Currently, it appears that Putin has already stationed tens of thousands of Russian troops at the Russia-Ukraine border waiting to act. Currently, the United StatesĀ and European allies are working on a strong response if Russia does invade Ukraine.

Many Americans are not confident Biden will be capable of handling an issue this serious.

According to CNN, the United States under Biden’s leadership and European allies are planning to retaliate against Putin, if he does attack Ukraine, by hitting them with sanctions. They are even planning to go as far as disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system which is used by banks across the world.

The important question here is will Biden step up and keep Russia at bay or will he chicken out?