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Scary News Reaches The United States

Is Biden prepared?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who many conservatives have their doubts about, is now claiming that he believes that the new ‘omicron’ variant is already in the United States.

The omicron variant was first identified in South Africa and is “highly transmissible” while at the same time could possibly be resistant to the vaccine.

Now, much of America doesn’t know what President Biden will do and many believe he will take this opportunity to impose more mandates and restrictions on the American people.

According to the Gateway Pundit, after being asked if the new variant is already here, “I would not be surprised if it is,” Fauci responded.

“We have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you’re already having travel-related cases that they’ve noted in Israel and Belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over,” Fauci further explained.

“The vaccines that we use may very well be able to contain this, and then [Omicron] won’t be as serious as some people are surmising it might be,” he added. “A lot of unknowns, which is the reason why we’re all over this.”