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Fox News Bails On One More Popular Trump Candidate


What is Fox News’ problem?

It has now been learned that Fox News has quietly lifted support from not only former President Donald Trump but also Trump-endorsed Republican Herschel Walker.

Currently, Herschel Walker is facing off against Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and many Republicans are aiming to get Walker elected to Congress. Sadly however it appears that Fox News has decided to turn their backs on the GOP voter base and are constantly doing their best to take away their endorsement from Walker.

In a recent interview with Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, Kilmeade invited Walker on to address a number of controversies that the Democrats have accused Walker of. However, during the interview Kilmeade put Walker on the chopping block and did little to clear his name.


Walker appeared to be blindsided by some of the questions and appeared unprepared.


Strange to see Fox News acting this way. While the rest of the mainstream media outlets are working overtime to get unfit Democratic candidates elected into office, Fox News appears to be doing their best to tarnish Republican candidates that are linked to Trump.