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Biden To Dump Kamala?


Time to go?

Ever since stepping into the White House, 79-year-old Joe Biden has been running America straight into the ground. What’s even worse is that his Vice President, Kamala Harris, is doing an even less good job.

Things have gotten so bad with Kamala Harris that now even ultra-liberal New York Magazine is calling out Harris and is saying that she is useless.

According to Newsmax, New York Magazine even went as far as questioning her viability as the Vice President.

“Eighteen months in, thanks to a combination of Biden’s age and unpopularity, the lingering pandemic and punishing inflation, a relentless opposition, and — most visibly — her own struggles to communicate a satisfactory role for herself, Harris has reached an unparalleled low point,” the magazine explained.


The magazine also pointed out how several of Kamala’s top senior officials decided to resign from their positions at the White House because she was too much to deal with.

They then said, “Her popularity started sinking when she first visited Central America and appeared dismissive of a suggestion that she visit the border. Behind the scenes, she was worried the assignment to take on the migrant crisis was a clear political loser. When critics latched on to her admonition to would-be migrants — ‘Do not come’ — her frustration grew, as this was the administration line.”

“‘Later, she remained silent at a tense meeting with Biden, letting other officials speak when he asked for updates. Afterward, she told aides to underscore that she was focused on the origins of migration, not the border itself. Her other top priority — voting rights — was no less publicly frustrating when the administration’s preferred legislation predictably failed in the split Senate.”

Finally good to see the left admitting some of the truths about Kamala Harris.