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Biden Humiliates Veterans


What won’t Biden do?

President Biden is under fire once again with the American people and this time it is for his decision to humiliate America’s veterans on one of the most important days in U.S. history.

According to Fox, Americans are lashing out at President Biden for waiting until 8:45 PM to say anything about the historic 78th anniversary of D-Day! On June 6, 1944, America lost the lives of 4,414 allied soldiers who fought for our freedoms today on the beaches of Normandy.

What’s even worse is that not only was the day almost over before President Biden decided to say anything it was already June 7th in France when Biden made the tweet.


When lazy President Biden got around to making the tweet his social media account wrote,  “Today, we mark 78 years since D-Day and honor those who answered duty’s call on the beaches of Normandy. We must never forget their service and sacrifice in defense of freedom, and we must strive every day to live up to the ideals they fought to defend.”


Conservative commentator Greg Price was so angry at President Biden he took to Twitter and wrote, “He has like 70 people who handle his social media and none of them thought to post something about one of the most important days in the history of our country until 8:45 pm.”

What’s even worse is that President Biden made a similar mistake last year when he did nearly the same thing and failed commemorate D-Day as well!