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PROOF: Kamala Is Useless


She is such a joke.

As a massive migrant caravan consisting of 10,000 people slowly marches towards the southern United States border, Vice President Kamala Harris has been caught once again wasting time.

According to Fox News, Kamala Harris was blasted by Americans after they learned that she was working to create a Central American youth program to get El Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans to be paid community services opportunities for things such as  “climate action” and more.

All of this while thousands and thousands of migrants continue to head straight for the southern border which she is tasked with defending.


Instead Kamala has decided to launch a Central American Service Corps (CASC) with $50 million of taxpayer money which she claims will get to the “root cause” of America’s illegal alien problem.

The Biden Administration is a complete and utter joke.

Furthermore, Kamala and Biden’s new CASC group is aiming to “provide young people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with paid community service opportunities, mentorship, and a path to future employment.”

America needs to secure our borders and give the U.S. border patrol all the funding and equipment they need to do their jobs better.