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Pelosi Chickens Out?

Here’s what happened…

It has now been learned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s travel itinerary does not show that she is making a stop in Taiwan.

According to Bloomberg, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning on visiting a number of asian countries including Singapore and Japan. However, her travel itinerary does not show that she will be making a stop in Taiwan.

Now, it is very important to remember that this does not mean Pelosi will not got to Taiwan however it is very strange to not see Taiwan on her itinerary.

Pelosi’s trip in meant to address a wide range of topics such as mutual security, economic partnership, democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region and more.

China expressed outrage after learning that there were rumors that Pelosi would be stopping in Taiwan and threats have already been made. It is also known that both President Biden and former President Donald Trump have warned Pelosi that this isn’t the right time to go.

Several Republicans however have supported Pelosi’s plan to go to Taiwan and highly encourage it.

With rumors circulating of Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan, both China and Taiwan have been holding military exercises to show their military strength.