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Trump Slams Fox News


Here’s how Trump feels.

Rumors are now circulating that former President Donald Trump is unhappy with Fox News after he has not been invited onto their platform for more than 100 days.

According to the New York Times, Trump has grown very displeased with Fox’s decision to not ask him onto their platform to discuss a number of topics since he left the White House.

During his presidency, Trump appeared on Fox around eight times more than he did on any other T.V. channel. Now it appears that Fox is bringing on other candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis instead of him.


What’s even worse is that instead of airing Trump’s July 22nd rally, Fox decided to have on Ron DeSantis and he was interviewed by Laura Ingraham.

The Times then claimed that they privately interviewed two people who were close to former President Donald Trump and they claimed that Trump was very angry with Fox for continuing to black list him on their platform.

They even claimed that Trump is angry with his close friend at Fox, Sean Hannity, for refusing to have him on as well.

Republican voters are also angry with Fox because they refuse to have former President Trump on as well. It seems like Fox has taken a brazen stance against Trump and aren’t ready to compromise yet.